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Customer Support

We provide some of the best customer support in the industry. Believing a customer that has a querie is a first priority. This allows us to keep our customers happy all the time.

New Video Marketing

With our new video marketing option. We are able to increase a customer’s potencial, to receive more customers. This gives a customer the option to have a broader market target.

Super Servers

We use the latest technology in servers. This gives our hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers and Website packages an advantage. our servers respond as quickly as possible.


Web designing is a common industry. Doing it right is a whole other descussion. We ensure to have top quality services in this department. Our designers know the best methods to ensure a quality website that will keep your customers happy.


With our new PPC packages. We enable our customers to be more efficient. Generating much more leads than Generic searches. With a generic search you can wait years before starting to generate leads. Or you can use ppc and instantly start generating leads.

Internet Services

We started concentrating on fibre to ensure our servers and network is of top quality. Giving our Fibre and ADSL customer the best service possible. We monitor our network ensuring next to no downtime having a backup network in place.
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Who We Are

We are an Active and known Internet Service Provider. We strive to give our customers the best service, and the best support there is. Believing that quality can come at excellent prices. With a lot of customers to back our support and service to be of top quality. We will do anything in our power to assist you to your needs.